Fleet management and telematic solutions

Whether hiring out machinery and equipment, or trying to keep a track of an internal fleet, telematics provide advanced solutions.

LGMG machines are equipped with factory telematics capabilities. You can use this feature to support your existing supplier, or set up a plan with our preferred providers, Teletrack and Xtraka.


Our first choice for telematics is Teletrack, an Australian owned platform including a user-friendly smartphone app. Our partnership with Teletrack gives our clients access to the latest customisable innovations in tracking and diagnostics software solutions.

Location tracking, remote access and immobilisation, and real-time operational information facilitated by the Teletrack platform gives insights and full control over your resources.
Improve your job site safety with mechanically integrated pre-start questionnaires wired into machinery and equipment.


TrakaX units are high functioning telematics hardware for vehicle, machinery and equipment fleets. They feature next generation connectivity and control, with 4G, WiFI, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN and Iridium connectivity options.

The device is designed for harsh outdoor conditions, as well as in-building and underground environments. J1939 and CAN 2.0 compatibility allow fault codes and other diagnostic information from compatible vehicles to be captured. A huge internal battery also provides anti-theft, vehicle retrieval and battery-only mode functionality.

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